Our Services

What We Do

We help our customers design, develop and distribute unique media content, to over 4,000+ media contacts

Media Relations Advisory & Strategy

We design your messaging alongside your organizational objectives and distribute it to the right media outlets, customized to reach your target audiences.

Press Events & Media Coverage

We advise & plan media invites, media interviews, online press conferences, publishing of knowledge piece and media buying, effective for your communication campaign.

Press Release Distribution & Monitoring

We distribute press releases and media content to media houses and journalists on an AI-powered platform that offers reach and coverage insights.

Events & Conferences Media Management

We organize media invites, provide skilled rapporteurs and convert event content and discussions into press releases that we distribute to journalists and media houses.

Online Streaming Services

We offer online end-to-end live broadcasts of both audio and video for single or simultaneous events, allowing you to connect with your audiences and share experiences on the GO

Journalists & Media Houses

We offer rich media content, customized to your editorial interests, delivered promptly. We further curate and distribute regional and global opportunities for journalists.